XII, Physics, Chemistry, c++, Springdales School, Pusa Road, Delhi

For almost 4 years I have been studying from Nutan Sir at Nutan Universal Academy. The institute has a comfortable and peaceful environment. After interacting with various teachers at school and other places while preparing for various exams, I can assure you that Nutan Sir is the best teacher by light years. His experience, vast knowledge, and easy explanations can make anyone fall in love with science. The notes and assignments given by sir are more than enough to achieve success in exams. Devoting and enrolling at NUA has been the best decision of my life.

Kaartik’s Parent

Dr. Jyoti Sharma, Prof. Delhi University

Kaartik started studying at NUA in middle school. Nutan Sir not only helped him gain interest in science but also structured his path to good grades. He made all the concepts and theories easy to understand. I strongly recommend everyone to NUA.

Shreyas Shridhar

X- XII, Physics, chemistry, Maths, Final Year student, NUJS, Kolkata.

The Indian education system, particularly higher secondary education, requires a student of Science to fathom a 'Hanuman Jump'. It's an exciting challenge, but one that could be daunting if undertaken alone. The Nutan Universal Academy, led by Nutan sir at the frontlines, embraces this challenge. He teaches with a passion, holds suspect notions of traditional rote learning and invokes emotions of joy and interest in the subject. Like an extended family, he looks after his students as his children, a virtue that comes with years of experience. The Academy walks with you every step of the way, making the journey to the all-important boards feel like a marathon instead of a sprint. I have learnt larger than life lessons under the guidance of Nutan sir and highly recommend the NUA to anyone who seeks to secure not just good marks but also a great future.

Srijay Raj

Class 12th, IX-XII, PCM, School: Sanskriti

I have had the good fortune of studying at NUA since grade IX. Nutan sir has tremendous command over his subjects. However, that is not what makes him a great educator. In the words of the Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman, It is a person’s ability to simplify the most complex of concepts that makes him/her a great educator. Nutan sir manages to explain the most intricate concepts in the most intuitive and effective manner. That is something he has earned by toiling for years impacting the lives of many students along the way. With his childlike innocence and precious wisdom he can bring about a dramatic change in any student. I myself am in debt to him for he has given me more than I can ever repay. He is an ‘Acharya’ in the true sense, he teaches his students by practicing what he imparts.

Sudhanshu Kumar, Parents : Shreyas and Srijay

IPS, IG (North Sector), CISF

Nutan Sir has been my college classmate and has been passionate about teaching since then. He has rich knowledge and experience and has helped both my sons achieve success in their respective endeavors. As a parent I am very satisfied by his teaching methodology. What I like most about him is his ability to provide one to one mentorship which helps students realize their true potential, which is generally missing in schools and other institutions. This brings with it a tinge of personal touch over and above normal professionalism. He has shown tremendous patience and perseverance by running a coaching centre for over 28 years. I can vouch for his credibility and would definitely recommend fellow parents to entrust him with their child’s future.

Vasundhra Manchanda

Class X, Queen Mary's school, Delhi

I have been associated with nua as student since 2019, class IX. The most amazing and interesting thing about nua is that one's my mother was also a student of nutan sir that's why I have some more and special feeling for nua. I am having great learning under the guidance of Nutan sir, Mukund sir and Nidhi mam.

Muskan Gupta

XI and XII, Physics an chemistry, Queen Mary
Pursuing BSc(hons) biological sciences From AUH, manesar

This academy has EXCELLENT tutorials for all classes and fabulous way of reaching the essential standards i.e 11 & 12 th! The best part of the academy according to me is the Nutan Sir’s vision to see the potential, the good in EACH and every student. Also, Sir’s 10 year (more or less) has helped us alotttt in our boards preparation which is rare nowadays in the money minded world. I recommend this academy to each and every aspirant.

Sparsh Jindal

XI-XII, PCM, Maharaja Agarsen Ashok Vihar
Pursuing B.Tech from Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Technology

Nutan Universal Academy is one of the best coaching institutes that aims in providing the best coaching to all its students. They consider their students as their own children and teach them. Honestly ,I can say that I have been wandering for good tution for PCM in my 11th and 12th but thankfully at last after my 1st mid term examination of 12th I came accross Nutan sir and he proved to be the best out of all the mentors that I had came accross for PCM. Nutan sir has an in depth knowledge of each subject and has a good strategy to solve questions that indulge in their students to be the best. He also assisted us in personal doubts as well and was strict in homework as if the regularity is not maintained concepts cannot be understood properly. Also he took long hours revision classes to revise the concept. I would strongly recommend to join Nutan Universal Academy.


Pursuing Sanskrit hons from Ramjas

Every institute had an agenda to make students understand the syllabus, Nua is the only place i got to be able to know more than what was mentioned in my book NUA was a place where i was able to apply and create the thoughts I had in my lil mind and inspite of being judged for the same ( as I faced at all other institutes) ,I was appreciated and encouraged to do more. Before coming to nua I didn't know that a teacher could be this much kind, encouraging, inspiring and always pushing your limits so as to make you the better version of yourself. A platform we had to be able to see and use the opportunities we were given or offered. A great experience, life long frndships, new frnds, increasing interest in the subjects (we had never thought that we would like) Specially nutan sir ka aake smile krke teach krna, encourage krna, fellow students ki help krna sikhana, like all the things are unforgettable.

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